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This Month at The Circus Arts Hub

The Circus Arts Hub has been online for a month, and we have been overwhelmed with your enthusiastic engagement. It has made us keenly aware of the need for connection right now.



Starting next week, we are switching the times for our panel discussions. They have been way too late for Europe!

From Monday April 27, 2020, our panels are going to be (mostly) at these times*

*although occasionally they will need to change to suit panellists etc.

Mondays and Thursdays

Montreal 9am

New York 9am

Melbourne 11pm

London 2pm

Paris 3pm


*Monday April 27

Migration from Dance

Panelists include

Marjon Van Grunsven (Memento to Cirque du Soleil to Independent director)

Rob Tannion (DV8 to Teatro Circo Price to Cirque du Soleil)

Alex Mizzen (From Classical Ballet to Circa to Company 2 and Independent Artist)

Robbie Curtis (Parallel careers in contemporary dance incl. Gideon Oberzanek and Shaun Parker, to Circa, Soleil, and independent Artist)

Meredith Kitchen (From Royal Academy of Dance to Phillippe Genty to National Institute of Circus Arts)

*Thursday April 30

Festival Programming and Circus

Panelists include:

Camille Beamier (fomerly Creative Producer at No Fit State Circus, currently with with Gratte Ciel and Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger)

Anke Politz (CHAMÄLEON Productions Berlin)

Jess Love (London based independant artist, award winning fringe shows including "Love is a Drug")

Lauren Elsinger (CIrca International Development Manager, formerly Underbelly Producer/Programmer)

Heather Ruck (Formerly Assembley Rooms, Edinburgh) Check out current events here


We have announced Mario Queen of the Circus, Deb Pope, Mayu Muto, Lisa Fa’alafi and Yaron Lipsitch as new featured creators in the last two weeks. Check out all our Featured Creators here


In April we held two Circus Futures panel artform discussions with Directors from around the world, from the Canadian High Arctic to Brisbane, Australia (and next week, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh and LA); two panel discussions exploring sector issues and themes; and introduced 15 featured creators. We have facilitated the first one-on-one consultation; we’ve had over 200 members of the circus community attend discussions; and reached over 6000 people though our Facebook posts.

If you have the means, please buy the team a Ko-Fi to support their hard work - We are an unfunded initiative, made possible by the volunteer efforts of the current staff. Donations during COVID go to the staff who are unwaged in any capacity.

Photo of and by Robbie Curtis, with Amanda Lee.

April 2020

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