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This Month at The Circus Arts Hub

This monthly update -

  • Upcoming Panels;

  • Survey Results - A big thank-you to everyone for your ongoing connection with us, and a special thank-you to everyone who responded to our survey;

  • More on our Creative Consultations/Masterclasses/Mentoring services.


Next Panel


New York 8am, Montreal 8am, London 1pm, Paris 2pm, Melbourne 10pm

Chair Debra Batton discusses the process of contemporary clown with some extraordinary practitioners from around the world.

Panellists -Mooky Cornish -Sean Kempton -Goos Meeuwsen -Nicci Wilks her Instagram handle is @wilksworks -Patrick Leonard -Andrey Kislitsin Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai -Deb Batton


Monthly Panels (starting the first week in July).


Steph Cox chairs this visionary conversation focused on looking forward and envisioning what our circus sector could look like, and most importantly what we want it to look like.

(Exact date and time TBC, early July, either Mon Jul 6 or Tues Jul 7, watch out for the announcement!).


-Freyja Wild (CIRCA, Circus OZ, The 7 Fingers) -Dylan Singh (Circus Oz, Casus, Company 2)…/ca…/details/139/dylan-singh.html… -Georgia Deguara (YUCK Circus) -Dylan Phillips (Time in Space Circus, Gravity & Other Myths)

*A note on our schedule change: With lots of us starting to go back to some creation, and even some innovative live performing, The Circus Arts Hub is moving to monthly panels, generally on the first Monday of every month. We are going to vary the time of day for each panel, largely based on the best time zones for the panellists, but also so that participants from different regions get an opportunity to attend at reasonable times. Times will be announced in the fortnight prior to the panel.

**Previous Panel Discussions from The Circus Arts Hub can be found here


Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey. Some quick stats:

  • 93% of respondents wanted our panels to either be fortnightly or monthly (60% monthly, 30% Fortnightly). We will go to monthly panels starting with our last panel in June, on the 29th, which will be a Circus Futures panel on Contemporary Clown;

  • 74% wanted panels of 90 minutes or more (49% 90 minutes panels, 22% two hour panels), so we will continue with our structure of 90; minute panels followed by some informal conversation;

  • 78% of you expressed interest in consultations, but clearly need more information about what they are, and how they might be of benefit;

  • Rigging, Business/Producing and Dramaturgy were by far the most requested additional areas of expertise from our Featured Creators, and we are currently reaching out to some new Featured Creators in those areas;

  • We received many, many suggestions for panel topics, many more than we can accommodate. We will use all these wonderful suggestions, which were too wide and varied even to summarise, to help us put together the panels for the second half of 2020 and beyond.

And thanks for all your positive feedback, summed up in this response – Its a fantastic resource, connection point and learning space. Hearing from such a range of diverse artists around the world has been really wonderful.


One-on-one live Consultations/Mentoring/Masterclasses offer circus artists and others who work in circus, or wish to work in circus, a chance to have specialised meetings with our Featured Creators. [And if you are interested in someone who is not currently on our list, let us know, we may be able to help. You can see our featured creators here].

This service is based on valuing our Featured Creators time and expertise, for those who can afford it. Most of our Featured Creators are independent artists, and this project was originally developed to seek alternative sources of income for them during the COVID-19 situation.

If you cannot afford it, we have a concession price, and we are also committed to seeking to connect you to pro bono services, if you are

  • an artist from a diverse background (Indigenous, Person of Colour, New Migrant, person with a disability), or from another marginalised community;

  • a circus artist or practitioner who is not working, nor in receipt of the relevant government relief packages at the moment.

Whether you are seeking upskilling, connection, artistic development, or a chance to be challenged, these consultations and masterclasses are tailored to suit each individual, and we will work with you to define what type of session you would like, and who would be best suited - if you need our help. Or you can just nominate who you would like to consult, and take it from there.

These one-on-one sessions can be on any topic, but some possibilities include:

  • Masterclasses in processes for show creation – ideation, devising techniques, directing skills (for circus students and artists at all levels);

  • Collaborations in Act and show Creation – an outside eye, a creative development provocateur, feedback, a dialogue;

  • Creative Collaboration – discuss artistic goals, a sounding board for starting to create a show, or creative processes generally;

  • Intercultural Collaboration – We recommend Lisa Fa’alafi, and, if you are an emerging artist, Harley Mann, for this topic. We are also open to connecting you with other amazing artists with experience in this area;

  • Artistic Inspiration – find out how a particular Featured Creative makes work, or made a particular work, and discuss it with them;

  • Mentoring – find the Featured Creatives who inspire you and work with them wherever you are at in your creative process;

  • Career advice – again, find the Creators who inspire you and discuss your career path with them, or just ask about theirs;

  • Business – talk to our successful creators, about the how they transformed their creative practice into a business, or talk to our producers about their perspective on how to do this;

  • Sector Landscapes – If you are moving to a new area or country, get great advice on where to go to connect locally, find work etc;

  • Technical advice in areas such as rigging, lighting, apparatus construction etc (we are in the process of adding some featured creators in these areas).

And of course, these one-on-one consultations are a meeting opportunity, a chance to connect with these Directors, Performers and Producers, and to share your goals with them.

We understand that many of you have great networks, and can connect with the Circus Creators of your choice at any time. This is designed as a new service for those who do not have such direct connections, or who wish to make a connection with someone outside of their networks.

To acknowledge and value the Featured Creators time, these sessions are $60 for 30 minutes. As mentioned, concessions are available. We recommend starting with one-off introductory session. You are not obligated in any way to invest in further consultations. During COVID, The Circus Arts Hub is not taking any commission at all from the fees.

If you want to book a consultation, or discuss this in more detail, send us an email via the website, on this link

Thanks again to all of you for you enthusiasm and engagement during the first, very busy, bi-weekly, phase of The Circus Arts Hub. We are looking forward to having more time to organise the monthly panels, and to catching up with you all in future. Don't forget to RSVP to be directly involved. Antonella.

Photo by Aaron Walker, The Long Pigs L-R Nicci Wilks, Clare Bartholomew, Derek Ives

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