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This Month at The Circus Arts Hub

The Circus Arts Hub wishes to thank everyone who has attended a panel, spoken on a panel, or connected with us in other ways, for their level of engagement and their ongoing support. And we would also like to thank those of you who have been able to make donations, they really are helping us keep the panels going.



NEXT WEEK'S TOPICS – note the early time for Thursday’s panel.

Monday June 1 CIRCUS FUTURES 08 – PHYSICAL THEATRE or CIRCUS?! New York 8am, Montreal 8am, London 1pm, Paris 1pm, Melbourne 10pm

Panelists include: -Lloyd Newson - DV8 -Debra Batton - A Good Catch, Batton and Broadway -Scott Graham - Frantic Assembly -Joshua Thomson - Legs on the Wall -Kate Champion - Formerly Force Majeure, now Independent.

Is Physical Theatre a genre in its own right that is equal to dance, circus, and theatre What are the differences between circus and physical theatre? Is Physical Theatre more to do with process than product? Is categorising circus and physical useful or problematic?

Thursday June 4 CIRCUS SCHOOLS AND THEIR INFLUENCE ON THE ARTFROM New York 7am, Montreal 7am, London Midday, Paris 1pm, Melbourne 9pm -AN HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL!


-Michaela O’Connor - NCCA London -John-Paul Zaccarini - DOCH/SKH Stockholm -Daniela Arendasova - ENC Montreal -Guang Rong Lu - NICA Melbourne -Deborah Pope Pope - NICA, NCCA and schools in New Zealand

How do the choices made by Circus Schools affect the artform? What do schools do to encourage diversity of students (cultural diversity, gender, ability etc), what more could be done? Does the emphasis on circus skills come at the expense of other aspects of performance (or vice versa)? How do the schools balance in their courses?

RSVP for both events here

Image: Water’s Edge, Legs On The Wall 2019


We’ve had over 450 members of the circus community attend our panel discussions live, and over 3000 people watch the recordings; and we have reached over 9000 people though our Facebook posts.

Featured Creators

This month we announced Tilda Björfors (Cirkus Cirkor Artistic Director), and Sean Gandini (one of the Artistic Directors of Gandini Juggling) as new Featured Creators. Along with all our Featured Creators, they are available for private consultations and/or small group discussions. They are all leaders in their field, and are available for individual sessions in directing, act creation, auditioning, career mentoring, general artform discussion, or private masterclasses in specific creative processes. Have a look at our Featured Creators on the link below, and then contact Antonella to discuss your specific request. Antonella can also help you select a Featured Creator, or work with you on the kind of consultation that will suit you best. See our about page for fees and other details.

Cirkus Cirkor Artistic Director, Tilda Björfors

Panel Discussions

In May our Circus Futures panels continued to take a deep dive into the artform with discussions around guest directing, the intersection of circus and dance, innovation in act creation, and a chat about queer perspectives in circus and cabaret. We also held our report on how artists can access support during the COVID-19 situation, and held discussions on Festivals and Programming, Street Theatre and major creation hubs. All our panels are recorded and can be watched on the video section of the website.

We also held our first World Café, with a strictly limited number of participants (15) getting the change to connect with three of our featured creators, in groups of five. It booked out very quickly, and all participants had an opportunity to connect with the creators and discuss their creative process. This format offers a rare opportunity to network with other circus practitioners online, and we will be announcing another one shortly. These sessions are not recorded.

If you have enjoyed our panels and other activities, and have the means, please buy the team a Ko-Fi to support their hard work. We are an unfunded initiative, made possible by the volunteer efforts of the current staff. Donations during COVID go to the staff who are unwaged in any capacity, as well has helping cover some of our technical costs.

Street Performers Chamaine Childs and Reuben Kuan

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