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The Circus Arts Hub is launched!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I was wondering how I could use my networks to help with the Covid-19 situation for circus artists, and I started thinking about our artists' greatest assets, their creativity and their creative processes.

The basic concept is this - at The Circus Arts Hub, you can access the world's leading circus creators through private consultations, video lessons, and panel discussions. The Circus Arts Hub will eventually feature creators from every aspect of making contemporary circus: technical circus training; innovative creative practice for individuals and ensembles; methodology for creating great circus acts for the international market; and advice on auditions and other aspects of succeeding as a circus artist, from those who have made it to the very top. It will feature videos from leading directors, performers, creators, producers, and competition judges from companies like The Seven Fingers, Circus Oz, Circa, No Fit State, The Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, The Festival du Mondial du Cirque du Demain and Cirque Du Soleil. You will be able to get the advice you really need, from the people you admire and trust. It is curated by The Circus Arts Hub, but all circus practitioners are welcome to send through a proposal to join our group of talented creators.

While the Covid-19 virus continues to prevent live performance work for the circus community, The Circus Arts Hub is not taking any commission for this. We have launched this very quickly to start making the connections. We will be fine tuning it for the next few months, so send your feedback!

Photo by Aaron Walker

Artists: Alyssa Moore + Jonathan Campos

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