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Meet The Circus Arts Hub Client Services and Business Manager

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Allie supports and promotes artists in all stages of their careers be it emerging, mid-career, or 'senior'. She works hard, not only to create and promote work for artists, but to help them survive, thrive and adapt within what can be such an unpredictable industry. - Helen Cassidy, Performer.

Allie is always aware of, and appreciates, the needs of all performers whilst she also deeply understands and values the expectations of the client. With this in mind, artists and suppliers like Allie are pure gold for any business. – Izit Entertainment

Born in London, an advertising executive from 1986-1990 and based in Australia since 1991, since 1998 Allie Wilde has devoted much of her life to the proliferation of live performing arts. She has an extensive career in Australian and international contemporary circus performance, producing and artists support history spanning over 22 years. This level of experience brings a richness and depth of understanding to her work and to her relationship with the artists she promotes, the clients she works with and every unique audience base she seeks to engage. She is a specialist in the production, performance, promotion and delivery of edgy, engaging contemporary circus, highly physical and interdisciplinary works – often in non-arts spaces and the educational environment. In all her work Allie applies a theatrical and highly physical focus and thrives on delivering strong live performance outcomes and programs. Allie thrives on building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with the vast range of clients and artists she works with. In her work she always has a strong focus on working collaboratively, with an emphasis on accessibility, the celebration of cultural diversity and the development of contemporary circus artists, multi-skilled performers and their extraordinary work... Allie is VERY excited to be on board with The Circus Arts Hub! And we are VERY excited to have her!

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